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Project One

Project One

Covers the contractor for loss or damage from insured perils that may occur during the course of construction.
Target Group.
This policy is ideal for:

  • Construction companies in property development.
  • Companies engaging in the construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, dams, sewage, civil engineering and other infrastructural developments.
  • Requirements:
    • Description of construction works.
    • Location of construction.
    • Value of Machinery and Materials on site.
    • Value of the contract (contract works).
    • Third party liability cover limit.

    Claim procedure:

    • Claim notification to the Insurance company.
    • Forward Duly filled Claim form
    • Police abstract
    • Replacement quotation
    • Applicable deductible/ excess
    • Loss adjustors report.

This is designed to protect homeowners/renters against loss or damage to the private dwellings/buildings, household goods and personal belongings against fire, theft, riot and strike, malicious damage, floods, explosion, lightning and thunderbolt. It also offers personal liability to third parties by the insured, workmen’s compensation to domestic servants and golfer’s liability.
Why should you take Domestic Insurance?

  • Emergency medical expenses are covered.
  • One emergency ambulance rescue service per family per year following fire or burglary.
  • Covers Loss of personal money following fire or burglary.
  • Cost of replacing damaged grills following a burglary is covered.
  • Damage or loss of insured contents on transit while the insured is moving houses
  • Covers cost of replacement of keys/replacement of locks following an attempted theft or fire
  • Cost of alternative accommodation following an insured event is covered.
  • Covers damage to contents in the freezer following continuous power failure.
  • Cost of debris removal following a fire is covered.
  • Damage to guest valuables is covered.
  • Domestic workers get Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance.
  • Covers Owner/occupiers liability.

Claim documents:

  • A Duly filled Claim form.
  • Police abstract report.
  • Replacement invoice/ purchase receipt/ proforma invoice.
  • Statement on the circumstance of the loss/Witness statement.

This covers importers and exporters property while in transit against loss or damage
arising from perils associated with the navigation of the sea or air and subsequent land
and inland waterways

Why should you take Marine Insurance?

  • All risks are covered
  • Extended coverage – Automatic warehouse-to-warehouse protection.
  • Efficient claim processing

Requirements on Marine Insurance:

  • Copy of Marine Certificate
  • Original bill of lading
  • Copy of invoice
  • Forward Duly completed Claim form

This policy provides cover for loss or damage to various types of goods while in transit by road, rail or any inland waterway within the geographical area set out in the policy. Cover may be All Risks or for specified perils and may be taken for specific consignments or annually.
Who can take up Goods in Transit Insurance?

  • Transport companies involved in hiring out transport vehicles.
  • Individual transporters providing own vehicle for hire to transport goods.
  • Logistics companies involved in transportation of Letters or packages.

Claim Documents:

  • A Duly filled Claim form.
  • Police abstract report.
  • Replacement invoice/ purchase receipt/ proforma invoice.
  • Statement on the circumstance of the loss/Witness statement.

This is designed to ensure that KWFT client’s families are relived of funeral expenses obligation in the unfortunate event they pass on. Death is sudden and unplanned for and the family is least prepared financially in most cases.

Why should you take Maisha Plus Insurance?

  • Addresses the funeral burden.
  • No awaiting period.
  • Affordable monthly premium of only Ksh 80 per member.
  • Kshs 100,000 issued to family left behind upon death.
  • Fast claim processing.


  • Main Member from 18 years -80 years
  • Dependents – Children up to 18 years
  • Claim documents;
  • Duly Filled Claim form
  • Copy of certified burial permit
  • Copy of National ID of the deceased
  • Copy of National ID of the next of Kin
  • Account Details
  • This is designed to prepare for the future educational needs of a child. It may be designed to provide anticipated periodical payments at pre-specified periods during the term of the cover, and a maturity benefit at the end of the policy term.
    A cash benefit is payable in the event of death or permanent disability of the insured (Parent). It may also be extended to cover critical illness.
    The life cover benefit embedded in the policy guarantees that the education of the child is not interrupted by the unfortunate death of the parent (Insured)
    Why should you take up Education Policy?

    • Guaranteed cash bonuses & Maturity benefits.
    • Life cover benefit that guarantees child’s education
    • Tax Relief benefits to the parent (insured).
    • Family income benefit. This benefit provides monthly income to the family in event of untimely death of the policy holder until the policy matures.
    •  Child hospitalization benefit. The rider pays a fixed cash amount for each day during which the insured (child) is hospitalized following an accident.
    •  Total and permanent disability cash benefit

    Designed to cover Institutions / Companies against employee’s death while in service before retirement date in accordance with benefits specified in the policy.

    Why should your company take up Group Life Assurance?
    Policy compensates in case of:

    • Death – equivalent to specified years’ salary/ earnings
    • Permanent disability – equivalent to specified years’ salary/ earnings
    • Critical illness rider.

    This is a savings plan designed to cushion individuals from financial hardship in their retirement life. Pension savings plan may be initiated by an individual (Personal pension) or sponsored by an employer (Occupational pension scheme).

    Why should you take Pension plan?

    • Retirement is guaranteed
    • Tax Benefits
    • Helps one save for their future in a disciplined way.

    Designed to cover a borrower’s debt in case the borrower dies. Suitable for customers and staff members who have borrowed funds.

    Why should you take Credit life Insurance?
    This Policy compensates in case of:

    • Death
    • Permanent disability
    • Income support
    Provides insurance security against loss arising from death of declared or listed Livestock arising from:
    • Accidental death due to lightening, internal and external injury, calving and pregnancy complications, fire, windstorm, snake bites and flooding.
    • Diseases of terminal nature.
    • Emergency slaughter on a vet’s advice.
    • Theft by use of force when in paddock or under zero grazing.
    • Covers illness & epidemics.
    • Transit risks within a radius of 250kms
    • Controllable diseases (only under poultry)
    • Calving / furrowing complications.
    Target Groups
    • Small scale dairy farmers
    • Ranches
    • Institutions
    • Duly completed proposal form
    • Dully completed Veterinary report
    • Clear photos of the livestock
    • Copy of National ID or Valid passport.
    • Copy of Pin Certificate
    • Premium payment
    Claim documents:
    • Duly filled Claim form.
    • Veterinary claim form.
    • Postmortem report from a surgeon.
    • Copy of National ID or Valid Passport.
    • Copy of PIN Certificate.
    • Clear photos of the ear-tag and postmortem images.
    • Police abstract.