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Education Policy

Education Policy

Education Policy

This is designed to prepare for the future educational needs of a child. It may be designed to provide anticipated periodical payments at pre-specified periods during the term of the cover, and a maturity benefit at the end of the policy term.

A cash benefit is payable in the event of death or permanent disability of the insured (Parent).  It may also be extended to cover critical illness.

The life cover benefit embedded in the policy guarantees that the education of the child is not interrupted by the unfortunate death of the parent (Insured) 

Why should you take up Education Policy? 

  • Guaranteed cash bonuses & Maturity benefits.
  • Life cover benefit that guarantees child’s education
  • Tax Relief benefits to the parent (insured).
  • Family income benefit. This benefit provides monthly income to the family in event of untimely death of the policy holder until the policy matures.
  •  Child hospitalization benefit. The rider pays a fixed cash amount for each day during which the insured (child) is hospitalized following an accident.
  •  Total and permanent disability cash benefit

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