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Domestic Package Insurance

Domestic Package Insurance

Domestic Package Insurance

This is designed to protect homeowners/renters against loss or damage to the private dwellings/buildings, household goods and personal belongings against fire, theft, riot and strike, malicious damage, floods, explosion, lightning and thunderbolt.  It also offers personal liability to third parties by the insured, workmen’s compensation to domestic servants and golfer’s liability.

Why should you take Domestic Insurance?

  • Emergency medical expenses are covered.
  • One emergency ambulance rescue service per family per year following fire or burglary.
  • Covers Loss of personal money following fire or burglary.
  • Cost of replacing damaged grills following a burglary is covered.
  • Damage or loss of insured contents on transit while the insured is moving houses
  • Covers cost of replacement of keys/replacement of locks following an attempted theft or fire
  • Cost of alternative accommodation following an insured event is covered.
  • Covers damage to contents in the freezer following continuous power failure.
  • Cost of debris removal following a fire is covered.
  • Damage to guest valuables is covered.
  • Domestic workers get Work Injury Benefits Act Insurance.
  • Covers Owner/occupiers liability.
  • A Duly filled Claim form.   
  • Police abstract report.
  • Replacement invoice/ purchase receipt/ proforma invoice.
  • Statement on the circumstance of the loss/Witness statement.

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